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Writing Goals

Since I am a great proponent of writing down goals, I will write down some of my writing goals in this blog post. I have learned quite a bit about marketing (the importance of good covers!).

I want to continue learning, as I feel I still have a steep learning curve to overcome.

My Dear Ellie has six global Amazon reviews. I would like that number to be ten by the end of the year (I didn’t say that I had lofty goals, did I? πŸ˜…). Same with Divine Error, which currently has two reviews. I would like to have at least five.

I want the audiobooks of My Dear Ellie and Divine error to be available within a month. Although I hear that audio reviews are delayed now because of backlogs ☹. I will also work on having the audiobook for Eleanor’s Travel completed, by early next year or sooner.

I have a standalone work in progress that I am excited about. I will write it after the last book for Love and friendship trilogy. Currently, I need to brain storm more.

My goal for writing is to produce longer books, even if it pushes my writing limits and current capabilities πŸ˜† If Tolkien can describe a scenery for three pages, I surely can write a few paragraphs worth.


Published by Aisha Urooj

I live in Toronto, Ontario. I love living in my multicultural city. My hobbies include writing, reading, painting and photography. I adore classic books and hope to someday emulate the books that I love and cherish. I have a newsletter you can join at Hope to see you there! 😊

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