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TYMNHS: Hotel Transylvania (animated series)

If you are in the mood for a fun animated series to escape from reality, today’s blog will feature the animated series, Hotel Transylvania.

Am I distracting myself from not learning about book marketing?

Yes 😋

I am sticking to writing for now. 📚

Hotel Transylvania has three full-length movies (a fourth one coming out), so why should you see the animated series? The series features the teenaged children of our favorite monsters: Dracula, Frankenstein, Mummy, and… Blob? It also has cameos from other monsters and their kids, such as the teen werewolf twins who are competitive, ruthless, girl-scouts. Aside from Mavis, we haven’t seen the teenage characters in the movies.

Meet the mischievous main cast:

  • Mavis Dracula is the carefree 114-year-old daughter of Dracula. Dracula is away from the hotel on a vampire business so Mavis is freer to scheme fun new plans with her best friends. She is curious and has a carefree spirit and gets into trouble with her aunt Lydia, the only adult-like adult around.
  • Wendy Blob is Mavis’s best friend, a green blob of goo who Mr. Blob’s daughter. Don’t let her innocent face and cute glasses fool you, she is equally as mischievous as Mavis.
  • Hank N. Stein is the teen aged son of Frankenstein. He is one of Mavis’ best friends. He is afraid of nearly everything, especially fire, just like his dad. He oftens moves past his fears to take part in Mavis’s fun and mayhem.
  • Pedro is a lazy teenage mummy who resembles Murray. He has sibling rivalry issues. His older, more talented brother is the favorite son of his mom. Pedro enjoys eating, sleeping, and rapping.
  • Aunt Lydia Dracula is Dracula’s older sister and Mavis’ paternal aunt. She is the one in charge of the hotel and who pushes strict rules when Mavis and her friends want to just have fun. Despite her strict appearance, she has some fun weaknesses, such as being obsessed with romance books.

I like the animated series because it focuses on friendship, family, and just having carefree fun as a teenager.

I hope that you check it out too.

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Have a great day 😊


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