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New YA fantasy: Queen of Frost and Ice

Dear Readers,

I am excited to tell you that my new book is here!

Queen of Frost and Ice is a fantasy novel inspired by the classic fairytale of Snow Queen, plus it also has dystopian elements in it. 

I wanted to share something that happened while writing the story. I came across a music video that moved me so much, it became the inspiration for chapter one.

You can hear it here. Know this is the music playing in my head in the following scene:

There was a hooded stranger, metres away, walking towards the edge of the cliff. Was she imagining him? He was like an apparition in the smoke.

The forest rumbled deep with the sound of thunder, and a lightning storm erupted in the sky. The earth seemed to shake. Another lightning strike erupted a nearby tree to fire and splinters. Jade covered her ears, trying to mute the chaos. 

Her senses were in a frenzy. All she could hear was the crackling of fire and boom of thunder and the pounding of her heart. Time slowed and stretched on endlessly as she watched the surrounding destruction, unable to do anything to save herself.
The hooded figure was still there, unaffected. He reached out his hand to take his hood down. Jade could see his face now. The stranger was hauntingly beautiful. He was around her age, with startling dark hair and dark eyes. 
What was he doing here?
To her surprise, he brought out a violin and started playing it. 
The music, oh the music. It was such a haunting melody. It brought a sharp pain to her heart. 
The music was her sorrow. It wasn’t the constant dull ache she felt daily, but something intensified. 
As the world burned around her, the music became her hope. It made her feel something for the first time in years, where she had only been numb before.
A tear fell down her cheek, but soon more drops started falling on her hand. 
It’s raining, she realized. The clouds had opened up above, and droplets were falling like tears from the sky. 

Was this the music’s effect? The haunting melody with the power to soothe raging fires. 

The boy stopped playing the violin and faced the sky, letting the rain fall down his face. Some drops clung to his dark eyelashes. 

Don’t stop playing, Jade thought. 

Jade wanted him to play the violin again. She could listen to him playing the music forever. But before she could call out to him, the boy disappeared like smoke in front of her.

As for the final chapter, you can hear the music for it, too (: Click here

It is amazing how art inspires another (Thank you, Joel Sunny, for your stunning renditions). 

Lastly, I leave you with my dedication for the novel. I really hope that you enjoy the story. Thank you for reading!

Dedicated to frozen hearts and scorched minds. May love be the cure and set you free.

p.s. If you like to support, and get a discount too, you can purchase the ebook direct from me here: Queen of Frost and Ice  (use 1MEDZ8A27P for 15% off). 

Ebook delivery is via bookfunnel straight to your reading devices, worldwide.

Published by Aisha Urooj

I live in Toronto, Ontario. I love living in my multicultural city. My hobbies include writing, reading, painting and photography. I adore classic books and hope to someday emulate the books that I love and cherish. I have a newsletter you can join at Hope to see you there! 😊

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