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Audiobook deal!

Audiobook sale: Nov 21st to 30th only. Get the audiobook for Midnight Prince and The Nine Muses for only $0.99 at Chirp, Nook audiobooks, Apple, and Spotify. Don’t miss out! Here are the links: Midnight Prince (original price: $3.99) The Nine Muses (original price: $7.99)


Audiobook Production and Omnibuses

Dear readers, After my book release last month, I have barely written anything. To feel productive, I released a omnibus/collection of the love and friendship series (Click here), as well as the first three books of the fantasy romance series (Click here). They are available now as ebook, hardcover, and paperback!  The audiobook for Ellie’s Fate isContinue reading “Audiobook Production and Omnibuses”

TYMNHS: Raya and the Last Dragon

In this edition of Things You Might Not Have Seen (TYMNHS), I will talk about the animated movie Raya and the last dragon. I realized I haven’t done a TYMNHS blog post in a long, long time. I feel like Sisu the dragon waking up after five hundred years lol. I can’t believe I delayedContinue reading “TYMNHS: Raya and the Last Dragon”

New YA fantasy: Queen of Frost and Ice

Dear Readers, I am excited to tell you that my new book is here! Queen of Frost and Ice is a fantasy novel inspired by the classic fairytale of Snow Queen, plus it also has dystopian elements in it.  I wanted to share something that happened while writing the story. I came across a music videoContinue reading “New YA fantasy: Queen of Frost and Ice”

❄ Exclusive sneak peek of Queen of Frost and Ice ❄

Dear reader, July was pretty warm in this part of the world, and August has been slightly better. One thing that was keeping me cool was writing about the ice realm.  My new book, Queen of Frost and Ice, will release in October. I first titled the book ‘Queen of Everlasting Winter’ (a title whichContinue reading “❄ Exclusive sneak peek of Queen of Frost and Ice ❄”

Sleeping Beauty No More by Aisha Urooj @Aisha__Urooj #ActionAdventure #ComingofAge #DarkFantasy #EpicFantasy #ZeeKelleyBlog

Originally posted on Zee Kelley:
About Sleeping Beauty No MoreBook Length:Novel: Medium (40,0001 to 65,000 words)Heat Level: Sweet: No consummated love scenes. Holding hands, possibly a kissMaturity Level:Young Adult: minimal foul language, gore, violence, nudity, but no sex Story Overview Sleeping Beauty needed a kiss to break the curse. Her prince never came. A sensational…

Complete series: Love and Friendship

With the release of Ellie’s Fate, the Love and Friendship trilogy is now complete. I hope that you grab the series today. The first book, My Dear Ellie, is free to read. Now that my contemporary series is done, I will be focusing on my fantasy books. I have lots of twists and surprises planned for my snowContinue reading “Complete series: Love and Friendship”

New book: Ellie’s Fate

Today is the release day for Ellie’s Fate! 🥳 With this final book, the Love and Friendship series is now complete. I can’t believe it! 🥹 I hope that you love it as much as I do. I know I will miss writing about Ellie and Cassie, but I am content with how the storyContinue reading “New book: Ellie’s Fate”

Writing Update✍

I am putting the finishing touches on my book, Ellie’s Fate, set to release next month. This is the final book in my Love and Friendship trilogy. The first book was my debut novel and the end of this series has made me quite emotional. I hope those who are waiting to hear the conclusion of Ellie’sContinue reading “Writing Update✍”

Free PNR books and a chance to win a paperback copy: One day only!

Just wanted to let you know about the amazing deals happening today only. Today only! Pack your Ereader with Paranormal Romance Join The Howlers for the Cover Reveal Party of Winter’s War! There will be giveaways, meet new authors, and games on May the 24th- 26th.I am doing an author takeover in this FB groupContinue reading “Free PNR books and a chance to win a paperback copy: One day only!”