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Mer-May 🧜‍♀️

Dear readers, In the month of May, we celebrate all things mermaid, hence the term Mer-may. I love using the hastag #mermay to find new art, animations, stories on social media (there is even a new film coming out!). If you haven’t already read my book, The Stone Mermaid, now is the perfect time for it.Continue reading “Mer-May 🧜‍♀️”

Readers needed for reviews

#booksprout #ReadersWanted #arcreaderswanted Dear readers, I need book reviews for two of my books and I need your help. If you have already read The Stone Mermaid or Queen of Frost and Ice, please consider leaving a review on your preferred retailer. If you haven’t read them and would like to for a review, pleaseContinue reading “Readers needed for reviews”

Indie April: Celebrating books by Indie authors

Indie April is a special occasion in the writing community, where we celebrate books by Indie authors. During the month, we download, purchase, share, review, or highlight vibrant independent and small press books on social media. It is important for me to do my part (I am also an indie author) and share some greatContinue reading “Indie April: Celebrating books by Indie authors”

Amazing deal on my YA fantasy novel

Dear readers, I promised a great deal at the end of March and here it is: For the first time (and for a limited time only) my book, Queen of Frost and Ice, is available for $0.99!  This is to celebrate my upcoming new book. I hope you share this deal with your family andContinue reading “Amazing deal on my YA fantasy novel”

Book Cover and Title Reveal

Dear readers, I am excited to reveal the book cover and title for my new upcoming book. It is a fae fantasy inspired by Cinderella and the title is ‘Prince Charming’. I shared the blurb in my last blog, but in case you missed it: Ash Charming’s life was anything but charming. He often feltContinue reading “Book Cover and Title Reveal”

Working on a new fae fantasy book

Dear readers, I am busy writing a new fae fantasy (I finally decided!). This book is inspired by Cinderella and will be book 4 in my fantasy romance series.  As you might know, each book in this series was inspired by a classic fairytale and followed a certain theme. Book 1 was The Stone Mermaid and hadContinue reading “Working on a new fae fantasy book”

Audiobook Production and Omnibuses

Dear readers, After my book release last month, I have barely written anything. To feel productive, I released a omnibus/collection of the love and friendship series (Click here), as well as the first three books of the fantasy romance series (Click here). They are available now as ebook, hardcover, and paperback!  The audiobook for Ellie’s Fate isContinue reading “Audiobook Production and Omnibuses”

New YA fantasy: Queen of Frost and Ice

Dear Readers, I am excited to tell you that my new book is here! Queen of Frost and Ice is a fantasy novel inspired by the classic fairytale of Snow Queen, plus it also has dystopian elements in it.  I wanted to share something that happened while writing the story. I came across a music videoContinue reading “New YA fantasy: Queen of Frost and Ice”