TYMNHS: The Picture of Dorian Gray

Do you know someone who gets away with lying? They lie. They cheat. They do bad things but never face the consequences of their actions? It doesn’t show on their faces, in fact, they look well. No frown to show their worries. No blemish from their charades. No wrinkles that show their age. What ifContinue reading “TYMNHS: The Picture of Dorian Gray”

Giveaway: Divine Error is on Audible and iTunes!

Divine Error is now on #audible and #iTunes! 🥳 http://mybook.to/Divine-Error In celebration, I am doing a promo code giveaway (for UK and US residents) To enter: Comment or Like Follow this account I will announce a winner next Friday! Update: Congratulations Joselyn Raquel, you are the winner of the Divine Error audiobook giveaway!! I willContinue reading “Giveaway: Divine Error is on Audible and iTunes!”

My Books on Wattpad

Hi everyone, If you are a Wattpad reader, I am pleased to say that the first few chapters of my books are available there. I am considering about publishing a free book there as well. I will update once I get inspiration about the story I would like to share. Please check it out. FollowContinue reading “My Books on Wattpad”

Read the first chapter of Eleanor’s Travels

Here is the first chapter. Pre-order todaymybook.to/Eleanors_Travels Chapter One: Big Plans Passport? Check.Tickets? Check.Suitcases, packed and ready? Check.Extra long, good bye hug with Best friend? Check, Check, and Check. “Ellie”, I say to myself, “You are finally ready, to explore the seven continents. Ready or not world, here I come!” I am Eleanor Grace. WorldContinue reading “Read the first chapter of Eleanor’s Travels”

Big news: Cover reveal, and Publishing date for Eleanor’s Travels 😍

It is finally time, to reveal the cover and publication date for Eleanor’s Travels 🥰. I am happy to announce, that the second book is set to publish on Nov 21st, 2020! You can pre-order the book at this link: mybook.to/Eleanors-Travels (The paperback will be available to order, near publication date). Here is the coverContinue reading “Big news: Cover reveal, and Publishing date for Eleanor’s Travels 😍”

Update on Audiobook

The good news: I found a great narrator for Divine Error. Even better news: He recorded the complete manuscript, and did a wonderful job. I am very happy. It was a whole different experience hearing the book narrated 😮📚 The narrator was funny, and endearing. I hope that you all love the final version, asContinue reading “Update on Audiobook”

Holding auditions for audiobook

I never thought that I would get to say this, but I am holding voice auditions for my Novella Divine Error. I know a lot of people are turning to audiobooks, as they don’t have time to read or prefer the story being narrated to them. I am excited at the prospect of reaching aContinue reading “Holding auditions for audiobook”

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