The Fellowship of the Quarantined

So how are you today? We are bound by a strange fellowship, just like in the Lord of the Rings where a fellowship rose to destroy the one ring…we have this invisible virus. My Quarantined comrades, how are you passing the time? Reading, writing, picking up new hobbies, painting, drawing, watching movies, meditating, praying….there areContinue reading “The Fellowship of the Quarantined”

New world of social distancing

How are you today and how are you coping with this new reality? Social distancing is the word of the day and the latest arsenal in trying to lessen the spread of COVID-19 virus. There are heartwarming videos of people in Italy singing together on the balconies, a reminder that we are here and allContinue reading “New world of social distancing”

COVID19 and Impact on world travel

COVID-19 has been declared a pandemic by World Health Organization. As a consequence, world travel has been impacted with some countries declaring travel bans with many more contemplating to adapt the same restrictions. It is an impactful experience and I wonder how it will affect writing and writers. Would we see more post-apocalyptic books? WouldContinue reading “COVID19 and Impact on world travel”

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