TYMNHS: Once Upon a Snowman

So.. ahem.. yes I am busy furiously typing away at my new mythical, fantasy project.. so this TYMNHS, will be a relatively short one. I am sure you might have seen the animated movie Frozen ❄ (if not, please check it out, and never let go of the song ‘Let it go’ from your mindContinue reading “TYMNHS: Once Upon a Snowman”

TYMNHS: Emperor’s New Groove

What do you get when you have a narcissistic boy King, a murder scheming and throne hungry chief advisor, her bumbling assistant and a honest peasant trying to save his village from being turned into an amusement park for a birthday present? You get the animation featured in this today’s TYMNHS blog post 😅 IfContinue reading “TYMNHS: Emperor’s New Groove”

TYMNHS: Tangled series

Hello there! Yes, it has been a while since a TYMNHS blog 😅 I got caught up with my new upcoming Novella Divine Error (Aug 1st). Here is the post in all its glory! If you are like me and wished that Rapunzel gets her golden locks back again at the end of Tangled movie,Continue reading “TYMNHS: Tangled series”

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