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New Fantasy Audiobook!

I am excited to reveal that the audiobook for The Nine Muses is available now! The Nine Muses is a mystery, fantasy about the nine goddesses of inspiration, poetry, and talents. In this story, they are trying to get their talents back and be inspired again; amidst the backdrop of a mortal high school. Chaos ensues asContinue reading “New Fantasy Audiobook!”

Release day for The Nine Muses! 🥳

It is here! Today’s the release date for The Nine Muses! 🎊 I told you about the nine muses in my previous email. (If you missed it:…) But what’s a story without a villian? Or is it, what’s a villain without a story? Boredom and monotony can sap the creative energies of our muses, but whatContinue reading “Release day for The Nine Muses! 🥳”