Writing Update✍

I am putting the finishing touches on my book, Ellie’s Fate, set to release next month. This is the final book in my Love and Friendship trilogy. The first book was my debut novel and the end of this series has made me quite emotional. I hope those who are waiting to hear the conclusion of Ellie’sContinue reading “Writing Update✍”

New audiobook: Divine Terror

The audiobook for Divine Terror just released and is available now on Audible and iTunes! The audiobook was narrated by Ash Kelley and he did a great job with the voices of the different quirky characters (and included sound effects!). What is the story about? Damon and Saynt are back on Earth again, this timeContinue reading “New audiobook: Divine Terror”

New comedy book release!

I am excited to tell you about my latest book, Divine Terror. This is the second book in the Divine Error series (a dark comedy; urban fantasy comedy). I meant to complete it six months ago, but got sidetracked by other projects. For those who waited, it is finally here! Here is the blurb: DamonContinue reading “New comedy book release!”

Eleanor’s Travels released today ☃️

I am happy to announce the second book in the love and friendship trilogy, Eleanor’s Travels, is out in paperback today☃️ I had been waiting months for this moment. I am excited to share the sequel to My Dear Ellie with you all 🎁📚 I hope you enjoy the wonderful adventure Eleanor goes on, asContinue reading “Eleanor’s Travels released today ☃️”

Read the first chapter of Eleanor’s Travels

Here is the first chapter. Pre-order todaymybook.to/Eleanors_Travels Chapter One: Big Plans Passport? Check.Tickets? Check.Suitcases, packed and ready? Check.Extra long, good bye hug with Best friend? Check, Check, and Check. “Ellie”, I say to myself, “You are finally ready, to explore the seven continents. Ready or not world, here I come!” I am Eleanor Grace. WorldContinue reading “Read the first chapter of Eleanor’s Travels”

New Novella, Cover Reveal tomorrow

So I have been a little busy these few days with Eid and an other more serious matter. My new Novella ‘Divine Error’, a dark comedy is to be released on August 1st, 2020. I will do a cover reveal tomorrow, in the meanwhile, I build the suspense 👀

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