Finding inspiration in the time of pandemic

I finally got to writing something for my second novel. Ever since the pandemic outbreak, my mind has been distracted by numerous other things. To be fair, I had also been involved in other promotional projects as well as adjusting to the realities of working from home. I found that looking at funny videos helpedContinue reading “Finding inspiration in the time of pandemic”

Concentration like cotton candy

It is hard to concentrate nowadays. I am sure you might be feeling it too. My work day, night, weekends are all blurring into one. Although I don’t miss commuting, work feels like work in an office, not so much as at home…which is strange. I am missing the colors, the vibrancy of spring andContinue reading “Concentration like cotton candy”

The Fellowship of the Quarantined

So how are you today? We are bound by a strange fellowship, just like in the Lord of the Rings where a fellowship rose to destroy the one ring…we have this invisible virus. My Quarantined comrades, how are you passing the time? Reading, writing, picking up new hobbies, painting, drawing, watching movies, meditating, praying….there areContinue reading “The Fellowship of the Quarantined”

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