Writer’s life: Marketing efforts (continued)

If you have been following my blog, you know that I share the good and, er, not-so-good aspects of being an Indie author. You might remember that my last marketing effort wasn’t successful. But like any worthwhile endeavor, be it writing, business, or career, persistence is key. That, and quickly forgetting about past failures 😆Continue reading “Writer’s life: Marketing efforts (continued)”

TYMNHS: Voilà by Barbara Pravi

For this edition of Things You Might Not Have Seen, I will talk about the song lyrics for Voilà by Barbara Pravi. I rarely watch tv, but when I do, I somehow stumble upon gems. This year I caught the Eurovision song contest and the song represented by France. Let us just say that myContinue reading “TYMNHS: Voilà by Barbara Pravi”

Book Update: YA fantasy book

I thought I end the year by talking about my latest project, one that I hope would be ready by February. I am 53k into my 90k YA fantasy book. This is in a way most alarming to me 😆 I hadn’t expected this rapid pace, but I am sure it will be slower nowContinue reading “Book Update: YA fantasy book”

Projects Update

This is an update on my current writing pursuits. As you know, I just finished the second book in the love and friendship trilogy, Eleanor’s Travels. I thought that after I completed this book, I would either: Complete the sequel to my dark comedy novella, Divine Error. I was already halfway done. Start on theContinue reading “Projects Update”

TYMNHS: Atomic Habits

In today’s TYMNHS, I will talk about a book I am currently reading: Atomic Habits by James Clear. Just so you know, as a writer, I don’t do ratings or book reviews knowing full well that I am biased. I will give any writer 5/5 stars immediately just for existing 😂 I know writing isContinue reading “TYMNHS: Atomic Habits”

A Writer’s Confession

Is it possible for a writer to be intimidated by their work-in-progress? (Commonly referred to as WIP in the writing community). For me, I would have to say yes. Very much so. Here I am, making progress on my second novel in the Love and Friendship series where Eleanor is embarking on a grand adventureContinue reading “A Writer’s Confession”

Things I have learned while self-publishing

If you are new to my blog, Welcome! You might know that I am author of My Dear Ellie, published January 2020. One of the challenges of being a new writer I found, besides completing the book, is when you have arrived at the point of publishing. I didn’t have the resources or time toContinue reading “Things I have learned while self-publishing”

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