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Indie April: Celebrating books by Indie authors

Indie April is a special occasion in the writing community, where we celebrate books by Indie authors. During the month, we download, purchase, share, review, or highlight vibrant independent and small press books on social media. It is important for me to do my part (I am also an indie author) and share some greatContinue reading “Indie April: Celebrating books by Indie authors”

New audiobook: Divine Terror

The audiobook for Divine Terror just released and is available now on Audible and iTunes! The audiobook was narrated by Ash Kelley and he did a great job with the voices of the different quirky characters (and included sound effects!). What is the story about? Damon and Saynt are back on Earth again, this timeContinue reading “New audiobook: Divine Terror”

Indie April: Darling, There are Wolves in the Woods

It’s Indie April! I have another great indie book for you. The book is a dark faerie tale/dark fantasy: Darling, There are Wolves in the Woods by L. V. Russell. It is book one of the Wicked Woods chronicles. What is the story about? Here’s the blurb: The woods are dark and wicked, and perhapsContinue reading “Indie April: Darling, There are Wolves in the Woods”

Indie April: Splitter

Today I will feature a horror book for Indie April: Splitter by Kaitlyn Keller. I was captivated by the great cover, and the chilling premise of the story. What is Splitter about? When twenty-three-year-old Mackenzie Foster wakes up in Kurat Manor to find herself captive to a sadistic stranger, she doesn’t panic or cower inContinue reading “Indie April: Splitter”

Indie April: What are friends for?

You might be wondering: What is indie April? It is a wonderful time of year where we highlight indie (or independently/self-published) authors. My author journey started when a few kind (and brave) souls took a chance at my writing, and every April I hope to pay it forward. Today’s featured Indie book is What areContinue reading “Indie April: What are friends for?”

New Year, New Goals

2021 was… something. I hope you made the most of a tough year (it was for me). This year, I hope is better and healthier for all of us. To start off 2022, I set a few writing goals for myself. I will release 3 books this year. I am excited, nervous, both at theContinue reading “New Year, New Goals”

Release day for The Nine Muses! 🥳

It is here! Today’s the release date for The Nine Muses! 🎊 I told you about the nine muses in my previous email. (If you missed it:…) But what’s a story without a villian? Or is it, what’s a villain without a story? Boredom and monotony can sap the creative energies of our muses, but whatContinue reading “Release day for The Nine Muses! 🥳”

The Nine Muses- coming soon!

My newest book is about the nine muses. The nine muses, goddesses in Greek mythology, each inspire a special talent. According to Greek myth, these nine sisters rule over the arts and sciences. They are the deities of song, dance, and memory, who give the gift of creativity, wisdom, and insight to a fortunate few.Continue reading “The Nine Muses- coming soon!”

Sales and Promos

Hi everyone, Sorry I haven’t been posting as much as usual. I am giving myself a break before getting back to writing again. I wanted to let you know about a few promotions I have lined up. These will be the last promos in a while, so grab a copy while they are still thereContinue reading “Sales and Promos”

Planning New Projects

Hi everyone, As you know, my newest fantasy romance, Sleeping Beauty no more, released on 17th July. What you might not know, the time it takes me to recover from the intense writing schedule (and emotional rollercoaster) of each new book release 😆 I think that two full length novels, and a novella, is aContinue reading “Planning New Projects”