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Hi Everyone,

Thank you for visiting my blog. I am Aisha Urooj, an Indie author, and blogger. I am a multi genre author who writes magical coming of age fiction, and fantasy.

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Happy reading!



Queen of Frost and Ice



A dystopian, Snow queen retelling

Our world is dying. The great war threatens to kill us all. Caught in the power games of the mad fire king and the spiteful ice queen, I must do everything to protect my little sister.

Coming October 2022. Pre-order available now.


Sleeping Beauty No More

Ebook: Amazon:

Sleeping Beauty needed a kiss to break the curse.

Her prince never came.

Aurora woke up after sleeping for a hundred years. Left alone and forgotten in her tower; she is desperate to find out why. What happened in the past? Why didn’t the prince keep his promise?

While Aurora slept under the cursed spell, it was not just her that suffered. The people of her kingdom, Rivendale, were being crushed under the witch’s tyrannical reign. Things had to change, but how could one sixteen-year-old princess save her kingdom from the wicked witch and her entire demon army?

Aurora meets Devon, a distractingly handsome thief, who had been using her tower as his hideout. Devon and his gang of thieves, known as the Circle, promise to help defeat the witch and to help Aurora save her kingdom. The prince’s betrayal broke her heart, but can Aurora trust anyone else to keep their word?

When Aurora finally meets the witch, it was not what she expected. The witch gives her a tempting offer: Rule the kingdom with her, and she will help erase Aurora’s painful memories.

The future is at stake, and Aurora has to decide. Will she fight to save her kingdom, or will she give in to the witch, and remain the lost princess forever?

Don’t miss this sensational new twist on Sleeping Beauty. Get your copy now!

Now available on Audible and iTunes.


The Stone Mermaid πŸ§œπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

A Dark Fantasy, Romance Novel



πŸ’” He will give up everything for love πŸ’”

As dark prince of the dark seas, Victor has everything. Everything except Ariana’s love. Victor is Ursula’s son, so he can’t blame Ariana for not trusting him.

He will do anything for her, but she is falling for a mortal prince. Can Ariana see that Victor’s heart is true, or is it too late?

With his mother, Ursula, against the sea king’s daughter, will Victor’s love cost him everything?

The Stone Mermaid is a mythical tale of mermaids and other legendary sea creatures and monsters. This is an epic story of love and betrayal, involving Ariana, the sea king’s daughter, Ivan, a human prince, and Victor, the sea witch’s son.

Love has the power to change destinies in this ravishing new take on a classic tale.

This book is dedicated to the hopeless romantics. For those who give everything for love.

The Stone Mermaid is available on Audible and iTunes.


The Nine Muses



Something strange is going on with the Muses.

They can’t write. They can’t sing. They can’t dance.

They can’t do anything right.

They say Muses inspire the greatest of artists, artisans, thinkers, and poets, but what will inspire them?

Zeus sees his nine daughters struggling with their talents, so he orders them to go to a mortal high school. Perhaps, he reasons, they will find inspiration there under the careful guidance and tutelage of Headmistress Ehtel.

Zeus hopes his idea works… that the visit sparks his daughters’ interests again or this will be the end of creativity, as we know it.

The muses are not amused. Thalia, the muse of Comedy, proclaims that ‘High school is where creativity goes to die’. With the headmistress, and their father, dead set against anything remotely fun, her sisters agree.

In the mortal world, the humans meet the Muses for the first time but the nine sisters have biases against them. Calliope, the leader, vows to turn anyone who annoys her into a bird. Her sight is set on Henry, the insufferable human with the cute smile. Can the mortals survive the feisty nine daughters of Zeus or fall victims to their immortal prejudices?

Despite all their efforts, things go from bad to worse. Even with their lessons, the muses are forgetting their talents. But when they start disappearing, one by one, perhaps there is actually something or someone behind it all?

Is there a dark and sinister nemesis they are unaware of?

Can they find out who it is before they all disappear?

Don’t miss this fun new release!




My Dear Ellie

Book One: Love and Friendship Trilogy

Ebook: Amazon:

What will you do for your best friend?

Cassandra Grace will live through heartbreaks, over a thousand lifetimes.

Ellie (Eleanor James) wants to be a superstar. She has natural beauty and talent, but is super impatient in achieving her goals. Ellie drops out of High school to pursue acting. She achieves greater success, but it comes at a cost. Ellie dwells deeper into darkness, as fame becomes a dangerous drug to her.

Cassie (Cassandra Grace) is sweet, and loving. She is terribly indecisive about what she wants to do in life, but will follow Ellie anywhere, including, dropping out of High school. After a few years, Cassie decides to go back to University, and there, she discovers her love for English literature. As her life gains purpose, Cassie doesn’t realize how much her friend Ellie is drifting into despair. Can she save her?

Cassie vows to be there for Ellie, and to get her the life she deserves to have, even if it means challenging fate… and losing everything she loves, to save her.

My Dear Ellie is available on Audible and iTunes.


Eleanor’s Travels

Book Two: Love and Friendship Trilogy



Adventure πŸͺ‚ Travel ✈ Love ❀

Ready to see the world?
Twenty-one countries. Seven continents.
One epic adventure.

Having wrapped up her latest Hollywood blockbuster, star actress Eleanor β€œEllie” sets a new ambitious goal: to see twenty-one countries at the tender age of twenty-one. her year-long trip will be filled with love, secrets, and self-discovery!

In the first book, My Dear Ellie, the readers discovered that Eleanor (Ellie) had been keeping secrets from her best friend Cassandra Grace (Cassie), her parents, and perhaps even herself. The second book explores what those secrets were. We must reveal the past, before the readers discover what lies ahead in Ellie’s fate.

Eleanor’s Travels is the second book in the Love and Friendship trilogy. If you are looking for an inspiring, uplifting, feel-good book, you will love Eleanor’s Travels

Eleanor’s Travels is available on audible and iTunes.


Ellie’s Fate

Book Three: Love and Friendship Trilogy



What if the Fates gave you a second chance? Would you learn from your past mistakes, and take it as a golden opportunity to correct all wrongs?

The Fates have given Ellie another chance at life. The question remains… would it be worthwhile?

Preorder available now



Divine Error



Divine Error is a dark comedy, fantasy novella.

A story about an Demonic Angel in Heaven, and an Angelic Demon in Hell.

Damon always felt out of place, in his surroundings, and at his work. Most would consider it an ordinary problem, but Damon was an angel working in Heaven.

When Damon was redeployed to work on a mission on Earth, things started to become interesting. He was, however, dismayed to find out that he had been assigned as a shoulder Angel to the most boring man on Earth, Joe Smith.

Joe Smith felt stuck at work. His uninspiring job (and not so nice boss), left him exhausted. He hadn’t made any weekend plans for the last six years! He had drifted away from his family, his social life and even, himself. Joe Smith was decidedly neutral, neither good nor bad, and both Heaven and Hell, sent their representatives to try and tip the balance, one way or the other.

Damon’s counterpart sent to Earth was a hopeless demon named Saynt. Saynt was not like the other demons at all. He felt helpless on Earth, without written instructions on what to do, from his Manager.

Together, both Damon and Saynt were on a mission to turn Joe Smith, and tried to change his rigidly affixed, neutral moral compass so that he became qualified to get into either Heaven or Hell. Instead of just changing Joe Smith, however, they will discover that the mission will have transformed all three of them.

Divine Error is available on Audible and iTunes.

Divine Terror


Other retailers:

Damon and Saynt are back on Earth, this time for another tough assignment. They are calling the human a ‘divine terror’. Who is the new human, terrorizing angels and demons alike?

Now that Damon and Saynt are working for different and opposite realms, can they still work together? Or will their new roles cause strife in their friendship?

This is the second book in the Divine Error series. Expect more fun, loveable, quirky characters; a handsome adversary, and the return of Mr. Whiskers!


Midnight Prince

Ebook: Amazon:

A witch’s curse. Frog by day, Prince at Midnight.

Milos saves the faerie king from the witch’s curse. The upset witch turns him into a frog. Now Milos needs a kiss from the king’s daughter, but the problem is that the princess is on the witch’s side. Is he doomed to stay a frog forever?

The ebook is free to download πŸ˜ƒ (Also available as paperback)

Midnight Prince is available as an audiobook on audible, iTunes, chirp, Libby etc.


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