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Get your favorite books in your library

I love libraries ❤

I love that they are such a wonderful resource for both readers and for indie authors. 

You can play an important part in supporting your favorite indie authors. Here’s how:

Recommend a Book to your Library on Overdrive

Step 1: Download the Overdrive app. Open the app and tap on the upper left-hand corner to access your library.

Step 2: When you reach your library’s Overdrive page, you can use the search bar to type in the title of the book you want. e.g. The Stone Mermaid by Aisha Urooj

Step 3: The search results will show similarly named books. Keep scrolling until you find your indie book/author. 

Step 4: Hit the word “Recommend” to ask your library to buy a copy. You can do this for both ebooks and paperback format (if available).

Step 5: You are done! You just recommended the book (and made an author very happy). When and if the library gets it, you’ll receive an email.

Recommend the books of your favorite indie authors to your libraries and librarians, and help support them in their writing career! 

Here is a helpful link with more details: Overdrive Help

My books on Smashwords: Aisha’s books on Smashwords

Other Libraries where my books are: Tolino, bibliotheca, Baker & Taylor, BorrowBox, Hoopla, Vivlio.

Thank you for reading! 

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Blog of the month at ENVIE Magazine

I am happy to announce that Aisha’s Writing Corner has been selected as the Blog of the Month in Envie! magazine 🥳

I am greatly honored that my blog was featured. You can find my interview with lovely Anna Page in the November issue at You can subscribe to the great newsletter for free. It features up and coming Indie authors and their works.

When I started my blog, early this year, I had no idea that it will reach this far and I will have so many lovely followers. Thank you for reading my blog posts. I hope to write more about art, movies, animations and books that are inspiring. I hope that you discover something new from my blog posts.

I have another announcement 🥳 For the holiday season, all of my ebooks are priced at only $0.99. Be sure to check them out.

Thank you for dropping by! 😊


Rising Star on ENVIE magazine

I am excited to say that I have been featured as a Rising Star on Envie magazine for my debut novel My Dear Ellie!

Check out their May issue on




If you are interested in knowing more about my debut novel, please click the links below:


What would you do for your best friend?


Book Cover and Title Reveal

Dear readers,

I am excited to reveal the book cover and title for my new upcoming book. It is a fae fantasy inspired by Cinderella and the title is ‘Prince Charming’. I shared the blurb in my last blog, but in case you missed it:

Ash Charming’s life was anything but charming. He often felt like his name: Ash. Destined to be nothing. Forsaken to be no one. But a small voice in his head told him otherwise. The voice belonged to his late father, the greatest artist his small town had ever known.

His father’s art had the touch of fae magic, or so they said. When he died in an unfortunate accident, all magic died in Ash’s world. He was dumped into the cruel hands of his uncle.

Was Ash destined for a life of misery, insults, and destitution, or did fate have something else in store for him?

When the princess is kidnapped and taken to the fae realm, only Ash knows the way to get there as he discovers it in the sketchbook of his late father. What will Ash find once he gets there?

Destinies cannot be stolen, or in Ash’s case, cannot be avoided. Greatness awaits young Ash Charming, whether he is ready for it or not.

⚜⚜ Order link for Prince Charming: ⚜⚜

I will share an amazing deal with you at the end of this month. Be sure to check out my next update. Take care until then!

Writing update: New fae fantasy

Dear readers,

Last I wrote, I promised to share something from my new upcoming fae fantasy. The book is inspired by the classic fairytale, Cinderella. I haven’t written as much as I would like, but since I made a promise, I will share the blurb with you (in its early stages). 

I hope it intrigues you. I am quite excited about this project (:

Ash Charming’s life was anything but charming. He often felt like his name: Ash. Destined to be nothing. Forsaken to be no one. But a small voice in his head told him otherwise. The voice belonged to his late father, the greatest artist his small town had ever known. 

His father’s art had the touch of fae magic, or so they said. When he died in an unfortunate accident, all magic died in Ash’s world. He was dumped into the cruel hands of his uncle and his only son. Was Ash destined for a life of misery, insults, and destitution, or did fate have something else in store for him? 

Destinies cannot be stolen, or in Ash’s case, cannot be avoided. Greatness awaits young Ash Charming, whether he is ready for it or not.

I hope the next time I write to you, I can reveal the book cover (and where you can preorder it, too.)

Take good care of yourselves… 

Working on a new fae fantasy book

Dear readers,

I am busy writing a new fae fantasy (I finally decided!). This book is inspired by Cinderella and will be book 4 in my fantasy romance series. 

As you might know, each book in this series was inspired by a classic fairytale and followed a certain theme. Book 1 was The Stone Mermaid and had the theme of sacrifice and redemption. Book 2 was Sleeping Beauty no more and had the theme of rebirth or rising from the ashes. Book 3 was Queen of Frost and Ice, which showed the power of love and trust. 

My newest book will focus on kindness. I think this book will be my most whimsical one yet, so expect majestic frogs and tricky water horses, and lots of fae lore and magic. I will share more about my newest book in my next update.

I wish you the best this season and every season. Take care!

Audiobook deal!

Audiobook sale: Nov 21st to 30th only.

Get the audiobook for Midnight Prince and The Nine Muses for only $0.99 at Chirp, Nook audiobooks, Apple, and Spotify.

Don’t miss out!

Here are the links:

Midnight Prince (original price: $3.99)

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Audiobook Production and Omnibuses

Dear readers,

After my book release last month, I have barely written anything. To feel productive, I released a omnibus/collection of the love and friendship series (Click here), as well as the first three books of the fantasy romance series (Click here). They are available now as ebook, hardcover, and paperback! 

The audiobook for Ellie’s Fate is now available. Narrated by the talented Kathy Handrock, I hope that you give it a listen 😊

I want my writing motivation running back up again. I have at least 3 or 4 works in progress, but no stellar, ‘can’t wait to finish’ ideas. Muses, where are you?

Here’s to hoping that I have new book news the next time I write to you. Take care in the meanwhile (:

TYMNHS: Raya and the Last Dragon

In this edition of Things You Might Not Have Seen (TYMNHS), I will talk about the animated movie Raya and the last dragon. I realized I haven’t done a TYMNHS blog post in a long, long time. I feel like Sisu the dragon waking up after five hundred years lol. I can’t believe I delayed watching this great movie as long as I did.

What is it about?
The movie is set in a chaotic, dystopian world, where magical dragons are all but wiped out trying to save the humans from Druuns. Druuns are terrifying creatures that feed off of the energy of living things and turn them to stone.
All is not lost however. One legend says that the last dragon Sisu is still alive and can be summoned by a dragon gem, the magical object that the dragons left behind. It is all up to the guardian of the dragon gem, Raya, to gather the broken pieces of the gem from the five divided kingdoms of the human world, Fang, Heart, Spine, Talon, and Tail.

I loved the beautiful, cinematic style of the movie: the lush greens, the lore of each kingdom, and the creative, cute new animals. I adored Tuk-Tuk! (A half-armadillo/rolly polly?, half-pug cutie). I am not that sure about the toot and boom lol
I liked each of the main characters, but especially Sisu (Awkwafina was fantastic!).

The message of the movie is profound. It is about trust. Trusting others in good faith that they will do the same. It is such a hard concept, especially if you have been betrayed or let down, but that is what makes the message so deep.
Hope and optimism is good for the soul, and it has the power to change even the hardest of hearts. So whenever you are feeling jaded, just watch Raya and the last dragon, and you will feel a spark of hope ignite deep within.
I hope that you liked this blog post. I will try to do more of TYMNHS posts. I was caught in the quagmire of marketing, but I am now trying to get out of it lol.
I hope you have a great day!
Take care 😊

New YA fantasy: Queen of Frost and Ice

Dear Readers,

I am excited to tell you that my new book is here!

Queen of Frost and Ice is a fantasy novel inspired by the classic fairytale of Snow Queen, plus it also has dystopian elements in it. 

I wanted to share something that happened while writing the story. I came across a music video that moved me so much, it became the inspiration for chapter one.

You can hear it here. Know this is the music playing in my head in the following scene:

There was a hooded stranger, metres away, walking towards the edge of the cliff. Was she imagining him? He was like an apparition in the smoke.

The forest rumbled deep with the sound of thunder, and a lightning storm erupted in the sky. The earth seemed to shake. Another lightning strike erupted a nearby tree to fire and splinters. Jade covered her ears, trying to mute the chaos. 

Her senses were in a frenzy. All she could hear was the crackling of fire and boom of thunder and the pounding of her heart. Time slowed and stretched on endlessly as she watched the surrounding destruction, unable to do anything to save herself.
The hooded figure was still there, unaffected. He reached out his hand to take his hood down. Jade could see his face now. The stranger was hauntingly beautiful. He was around her age, with startling dark hair and dark eyes. 
What was he doing here?
To her surprise, he brought out a violin and started playing it. 
The music, oh the music. It was such a haunting melody. It brought a sharp pain to her heart. 
The music was her sorrow. It wasn’t the constant dull ache she felt daily, but something intensified. 
As the world burned around her, the music became her hope. It made her feel something for the first time in years, where she had only been numb before.
A tear fell down her cheek, but soon more drops started falling on her hand. 
It’s raining, she realized. The clouds had opened up above, and droplets were falling like tears from the sky. 

Was this the music’s effect? The haunting melody with the power to soothe raging fires. 

The boy stopped playing the violin and faced the sky, letting the rain fall down his face. Some drops clung to his dark eyelashes. 

Don’t stop playing, Jade thought. 

Jade wanted him to play the violin again. She could listen to him playing the music forever. But before she could call out to him, the boy disappeared like smoke in front of her.

As for the final chapter, you can hear the music for it, too (: Click here

It is amazing how art inspires another (Thank you, Joel Sunny, for your stunning renditions). 

Lastly, I leave you with my dedication for the novel. I really hope that you enjoy the story. Thank you for reading!

Dedicated to frozen hearts and scorched minds. May love be the cure and set you free.

p.s. If you like to support, and get a discount too, you can purchase the ebook direct from me here: Queen of Frost and Ice  (use 1MEDZ8A27P for 15% off). 

Ebook delivery is via bookfunnel straight to your reading devices, worldwide.

❄ Exclusive sneak peek of Queen of Frost and Ice ❄

Dear reader,

July was pretty warm in this part of the world, and August has been slightly better. One thing that was keeping me cool was writing about the ice realm. 

My new book, Queen of Frost and Ice, will release in October. I first titled the book ‘Queen of Everlasting Winter’ (a title which I still love, but *mild spoiler* it didn’t quite fit with the plot.)

Here is an exclusive sneak peek from my upcoming novel. I hope that you enjoy it!


More hours passed and Kia hadn’t returned.

The ice with the floral patterns remained on the windows; the only sign of the ice queen being there.

The storm lasted all night. It took that long for grandma’s fever to go away. Jade hoped that Kia stayed the night safe at a friend’s house.

Jade looked towards the door, hoping that Kia would walk in at any moment. She hadn’t had a moment of sleep, but she still waited for her nightmare to end.

“How are you feeling now, grandma?” Jade asked when she saw her stir.

“Much better, dear,” she said, smiling. “How could I not, with my granddaughter looking after me?”

“I am glad you are better,” Jade said. She added, hesitating, “I have to go look for Kia, grandma.”

“Ok, dear,” grandma said. “Who is Kia? Is she your friend?” she asked with a calm that chilled Jade’s heart.

“You don’t remember Kia?”

“I might remember,” Grandma said slowly. “What does she look like?”

Was this amnesia because of the fever? Jade didn’t know what to think, but she also didn’t want to upset her grandma by saying she had forgotten her other granddaughter.

“Kia is ten, with dark, wavy hair…” Jade answered. “And her eyes are… her eyes are…”

Jade racked her head, but she couldn’t remember if Kia’s eyes were blue or green or brown.

Am I forgetting my sister, too? Was this the ice queen’s spell?

Her heart sank at the thought.

She needed to find her little sister… and quickly.


Thank you for reading! 😊 The preorder for Queen of Frost and Ice is available at: