Get your favorite books in your library

I love libraries ❤

I love that they are such a wonderful resource for both readers and for indie authors. 

You can play an important part in supporting your favorite indie authors. Here’s how:

Recommend a Book to your Library on Overdrive

Step 1: Download the Overdrive app. Open the app and tap on the upper left-hand corner to access your library.

Step 2: When you reach your library’s Overdrive page, you can use the search bar to type in the title of the book you want. e.g. The Stone Mermaid by Aisha Urooj

Step 3: The search results will show similarly named books. Keep scrolling until you find your indie book/author. 

Step 4: Hit the word “Recommend” to ask your library to buy a copy. You can do this for both ebooks and paperback format (if available).

Step 5: You are done! You just recommended the book (and made an author very happy). When and if the library gets it, you’ll receive an email.

Recommend the books of your favorite indie authors to your libraries and librarians, and help support them in their writing career! 

Here is a helpful link with more details: Overdrive Help

My books on Smashwords: Aisha’s books on Smashwords

Other Libraries where my books are: Tolino, bibliotheca, Baker & Taylor, BorrowBox, Hoopla, Vivlio.

Thank you for reading! 

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Blog of the month at ENVIE Magazine

I am happy to announce that Aisha’s Writing Corner has been selected as the Blog of the Month in Envie! magazine 🥳

I am greatly honored that my blog was featured. You can find my interview with lovely Anna Page in the November issue at enviemagazine.com. You can subscribe to the great newsletter for free. It features up and coming Indie authors and their works.

When I started my blog, early this year, I had no idea that it will reach this far and I will have so many lovely followers. Thank you for reading my blog posts. I hope to write more about art, movies, animations and books that are inspiring. I hope that you discover something new from my blog posts.

I have another announcement 🥳 For the holiday season, all of my ebooks are priced at only $0.99. Be sure to check them out.

Thank you for dropping by! 😊


Rising Star on ENVIE magazine

I am excited to say that I have been featured as a Rising Star on Envie magazine for my debut novel My Dear Ellie!

Check out their May issue on enviemagazine.com




If you are interested in knowing more about my debut novel, please click the links below:


What would you do for your best friend?

Amazon: https://amazon.com/dp/B083JJK8TY

New book: Ellie’s Fate

Today is the release day for Ellie’s Fate! 🥳

With this final book, the Love and Friendship series is now complete. I can’t believe it! 🥹

I hope that you love it as much as I do. I know I will miss writing about Ellie and Cassie, but I am content with how the story ended.

I have included bonus content at the end of the novel. They were scenes that didn’t quite fit in the flow of this book. It includes a scene with the three fates which was fun to write.

Here is the link for Ellie’s Fate: https://Books2read.com/EF

Thank you for reading and supporting me on my writing journey. It means so much to me! ❤

🎉 Happy book release everyone! 🎊

Writing Update✍

I am putting the finishing touches on my book, Ellie’s Fate, set to release next month. This is the final book in my Love and Friendship trilogy.

The first book was my debut novel and the end of this series has made me quite emotional. I hope those who are waiting to hear the conclusion of Ellie’s and Cassie’s story will find it worthwhile. I know I will miss writing about these two best friends. 

Excuse me while I grab some tissues 🤧 

An excerpt from Ellie’s Fate:

My whole life shifted when Ellie died.

Eleanor James. Ellie. My best friend.

She was someone I knew better than even myself… or so I thought.

Ellie’s life was cut short. Ravaged by her addiction to drugs, and perhaps, also by her addiction to fame.

Her death felt like a waking nightmare. I wish it was something I could wake up from, but I couldn’t escape it.

Not even when I tried.

Lachesis, one of the three fates, said there was a way to save Ellie. Out of the three conditions she set, I am only one part of that puzzle.

For her tragic life to turn around, Ellie would need my support. But she would also need to feel her parent’s love, and be reunited with her true love.

I don’t even know who that person is.

Ellie has one last chance at life.

How could all of this be done in a single lifetime, when it wasn’t possible in a thousand?

Will I see her die again? Or will the fates align to give Ellie a future less grim than the ones I witnessed?

I don’t know all the secrets she kept from me.

I won’t remember much of our past lives.

Can I even save my best friend? Or is it too much to hope?

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May Book Promotions

Hi everyone,

I am participating in a few book promotions this month. Check them out below 😊

Sci-fi & Fantasy Book Fair FREE, 99c and Full price (Wide & KU)

General, Uplifting & Literary Fiction

Mythology Book Fair (Paranormal & Fantasy)

MAY – Contemporary Fiction – Woman’s Fiction – Family Stories

Romantic & fantastic May ’22

Portal to Fantasy Presents….May FREE, 99c, and Full Price Book Fair

New audiobook: Divine Terror

The audiobook for Divine Terror just released and is available now on Audible and iTunes!

The audiobook was narrated by Ash Kelley and he did a great job with the voices of the different quirky characters (and included sound effects!).

What is the story about?

Damon and Saynt are back on Earth again, this time for another tough assignment. They are calling the human a ‘divine terror’. Who is the new human, terrorizing angels and demons alike?

Now that Damon and Saynt are working for different and opposite realms, can they still work together? Or will their new roles cause strife in their friendship?

This is the second book in the Divine Error series (a dark comedy/urban fantasy comedy). Expect more fun, loveable, quirky characters; a handsome adversary, and the return of Mr. Whiskers!

Listen now at:

US: Click here for US site

UK: Click here for UK site

FR: Click here for FR site

DE: Click here for DE site

Canada (and everywhere where it is available): Click here

Thank you for reading! I hope you have a great day! 😊

Indie April: Walking on Thin Ice by Robert Burns

Today is the last day of April and I have one more book for Indie April. Walking on Thin Ice is a thriller written by Robert Burns.

What is the story about?

Junior reporter Rachel Drucker, desperate to break a big story, is drawn to the disappearance of five-year-old Julia Brown 20 years earlier. No arrests were ever made, a body was never found, and no new leads have surfaced in over a decade. The trail had gone cold.

Not only does the case remain unsolved, but Rachel’s father and the lead investigator in the case, Detective Ted Drucker, died full of remorse unable to find Julia. The case became more than just a job to him; it was an obsession that directly led to his death.

Rachel becomes haunted by the possibilities of what could have happened to Julia. At the same time, her father has started to appear in her dreams. She has so many questions surrounding why this case remains unsolved.

With the help of Ted’s detailed case file and expertise, can she find justice for Julia Brown? Or is she also doomed to let this obsession get the best of her and meet the same fate as her father?

I hope that you pick this great book for your next read. I hope that you enjoyed my selection of books for indie April this year. I hope to continue this tradition every year.

Remember to support your favorite Indie author by reviewing their books, or by sharing book recommendations with your friends and family.

Happy reading! 📚

New Fantasy Audiobook!

I am excited to reveal that the audiobook for The Nine Muses is available now!

The Nine Muses is a mystery, fantasy about the nine goddesses of inspiration, poetry, and talents. In this story, they are trying to get their talents back and be inspired again; amidst the backdrop of a mortal high school.

Chaos ensues as the nine sisters are up to mischief and mayhem. They also must face a formidable foe, if they want to return home to Mount Olympus.

The audiobook is narrated by the very talented Steffi Medrano. I hope that you check it out!

For a limited time, use the discount code below and get the audiobook 25% off at my online store: HO4SVA5IEG

Click the image to go to my store now 😊 or use this link: https://payhip.com/b/9JdqZ

Indie April: Darling, There are Wolves in the Woods

It’s Indie April!

I have another great indie book for you. The book is a dark faerie tale/dark fantasy: Darling, There are Wolves in the Woods by L. V. Russell. It is book one of the Wicked Woods chronicles.

What is the story about?

Here’s the blurb:

The woods are dark and wicked, and perhaps some things would be better off staying lost…Teya Jenkins is ten years old when her sister is taken. Niven is never found, because no one knows where to look. No one but Teya that is, who heard the whispers of the trees and saw the beautiful creatures that dwelled in the shadows. It is only after another tragedy, years later, that Teya finally dares to enter the forest that haunts her dreams, determined to bring home her sister and mend the fractured remains of her family. But someone lingers in the shadows, tempting her away with veiled promises of the thing she’s always longed for….to belong somewhere.

Tangled up in the lives of the creatures that stole her sister, Teya risks everything to bring Niven home. In a world of extraordinary monsters, Teya finds herself fighting for not only her life, and for her sister, but also for her heart.

April is almost coming to an end. I have one more book left to highlight for Indie April. It is going to be a thriller, so stay tuned!

In the meanwhile: Happy Reading! 📚

Indie April: Splitter

Today I will feature a horror book for Indie April: Splitter by Kaitlyn Keller.

I was captivated by the great cover, and the chilling premise of the story.

What is Splitter about?

When twenty-three-year-old Mackenzie Foster wakes up in Kurat Manor to find herself captive to a sadistic stranger, she doesn’t panic or cower in a corner. Instead, using her knowledge of horror video games, she comes up with a plan and prepares for the worst. But with insane, faceless creatures lurking the halls, notes detailing the experiments taking place inside, and a timid school teacher who’s more of a hindrance than a help, surviving the night might be more than she’s capable of.

Intrigued? I hope that you pick up this heart-racing book for your next read.

Happy reading! I have a few more books to feature for Indie April.

Stay tuned!

Interview with Aisha Urooj, Author of ‘The Nine Muses’

The Nine Muses have lost their powers…

Packed with fun and a good dose of mystery, The Nine Muses drops Greek goddesses into the mortal world. Even worse, into a moral high school!

Zeus’ daughters The Muses can no longer dance, sing, or create art. His solution? To send them to a mortal high school to spark their inspiration once more.

Teenagers with magical powers are an interesting addition to a high school with the typical cute guys and arch-nemeses. And a father who can spy on dates by turning into a cloud…

That is until The Muses begin to disappear!

Now to Aisha:

Jenn: How did the idea for The Nine Muses come about?

Aisha: I was having writer’s block and it was very frustrating. I mumbled to myself about my muses not cooperating… then like magic, a question popped into my mind: What if the Muses lost their…

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