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Writing style near the end of My Dear Ellie

I want to talk about the writing style near the end of My Dear Ellie (without giving away any spoilers) the seeming randomness of her thoughts is deliberate.

I wanted to be in Cassie’s headspace, where it is pure chaos, almost as if she is drifting between sanity and madness, and has a sort of feverish urgency because of what happens to Ellie. She seems to be drifting in and out between two worlds, this one and the next. It will become clear in book three, I promise. I am excited to bring you to that point in the future.


Published by Aisha Urooj

I live in Toronto, Ontario. I love living in my multicultural city. My hobbies include writing, reading, painting and photography. I adore classic books and hope to someday emulate the books that I love and cherish. I have a newsletter you can join at Hope to see you there! 😊

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